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February 1, 2024 - 6:41 pm

Muğla Bodrum\’s beachfront holiday village project, owned by Muhammet Mesut Toprak, a classmate of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from Istanbul Imam Hatip High School, had been previously cancelled by the Council of State. However, it has now been revealed that Toprak’s changes to the project have resulted in its approval once again. Toprak’s company, Halikarnas Tourism and Investment Joint Stock Company, planned to establish a tourism accommodation facility on a 364,141 square meter plot in Kızılağaç neighborhood Gerenkuyu location. After starting the 125-room hotel and 284-unit holiday village project, the approval granted was cancelled by the 6th Chamber of the Council of State. Following this, the zoning plans designating the area as the “Muğla Bodrum Yalıçiftliği Tourism Center” were also cancelled by the Muğla 2nd Administrative Court. However, new zoning plans were approved on December 1, 2023, reopening the way for the project. Additionally, Toprak’s company made “changes” to the project and applied to the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change. The Muğla Governorship announced today that the project has once again been granted the “Environmental Impact Assessment is not required” decision. With the renewed approval, the company will build a 120-room 5-star hotel and a 105-room 5-star holiday village on the beachfront plot consisting of forest and agricultural lands. Some of the construction that was previously halted has already been completed, and new additions will be made with these new plans. It is noted that this project is particularly surrounded by environmental and cultural areas. According to the Muğla Cultural Heritage Conservation Board, the area is located within the 2nd and 3rd degree natural conservation area and the 3rd degree archaeological conservation area. However, the board’s opinion stated that “no cultural asset within the scope of the law was found in the excavation conducted on the plot.” Who is MUHAMMET MESUT TOPRAK? Muhammet Mesut Toprak is known to the public as Erdogan’s classmate from Istanbul Imam Hatip High School. Toprak owns several companies in the business world. He is also known as the owner of the 16:9 skyscrapers that changed the silhouette of Istanbul in Zeytinburnu. Despite the decision to “shave” the towers, he objected, claiming that the judges who made the decision were members of the FETO during the period when the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) was under AKP administration, and the towers were legalized by the court decision. Following the decision, Erdogan said, “I told them to shave, I specifically requested it. I know him very well. While waiting for them to do what they were supposed to do, they did nothing. That’s why I was very disappointed.” The Istanbul Imam Hatip High School building, where Erdogan graduated, was also rebuilt by Toprak.

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Report: The project of a seaside holiday village in Muğla Bodrum, owned by Muhammet Mesut Toprak, a classmate of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan from Istanbul Imam Hatip High School, had previously been canceled by the Council of State. However, it has now been revealed that the project has received approval again after Toprak made changes to revive it. Toprak’s company,…

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