At Köksal Consulting, we pride ourselves on a steadfast commitment to excellence, offering a tapestry of seasoned expertise to international investors, corporations navigating global business, and prominent NGOs. Our name has become synonymous with trust and acumen, serving as a beacon for global enterprises and eminent foundations seeking unparalleled guidance in their corporate endeavors.

About us

Our Mission

we help our clients navigate through complex procedures for their business activities in turkey and beyond

At Köksal Consulting, our mission is to empower your business with strategic insights and in-depth knowledge tailored to propel your corporation to success. We specialize in streamlining your operational complexities, significantly reducing administrative overhead, and meticulously mitigating legal risks. Our bespoke services are designed to fortify your enterprise’s foundation, allowing you to focus on growth and profitability with confidence and ease.

Sven Köksal
Consultant &
Head of Legal-Tech

In-Depth Expertise & Insight

Our team at Köksal Consulting is the embodiment of expertise, with each member bringing a wealth of specialized academic knowledge paired with extensive practical experience. Spanning several decades, our expertise is not just broad, but deep—covering intricate aspects of Turkish business law and investment strategy. Trust in our profound understanding to guide your enterprise through the complex, evolving landscape of Turkey's economic environment.

Global Network, Local Mastery

Köksal Consulting extends beyond borders with a robust global network, encompassing connections with top-tier firms and experts in over 120 countries. These alliances are not merely points on a map; they represent a fusion of global reach with local expertise, delivering a multicultural business acumen that is second to none. Leverage our international presence to gain a competitive edge, ensuring that your business thrives both in Turkey and on the global stage.

The Seal of Trust

Our firm stands as the consultant of choice for elite multinational corporations and foundations operating within Turkey. This trust is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and the consistent results we deliver. At Köksal Consulting, we take this endorsement as a critical mission, ensuring that every multinational client receives a bespoke, strategic approach tailored to their unique objectives.

Entrepreneurial Vision & Solutions

Embrace the entrepreneurial mindset at Köksal Consulting, where innovative thinking meets holistic solution development. Our approach is proactive, anticipating market shifts and positioning our clients at the vanguard of their respective sectors. With Köksal Consulting, you receive not just advice but complete, turnkey solutions that are as entrepreneurial and forward-thinking as your own aspirations.

Why clients chose us ...

Discover the strategic advantage with Köksal Consulting, where our seasoned team of consultants offers unparalleled expertise in steering corporations through the intricacies of Turkey’s business landscape and the global marketplace. Our firm is renowned for providing deep insights and strategic foresight drawn from a history of sensitive, high-profile engagements. We empower your leadership with the critical knowledge and tools necessary to secure your company’s prosperity.

Our services are meticulously designed to alleviate the administrative intricacies and reduce the legal liabilities that come with international commerce. When you collaborate with Köksal Consulting, you gain more than guidance; you acquire a dedicated ally committed to the meticulous care of your business interests. This partnership allows you to redirect your focus towards scaling and refining your operational strategies.

For the discerning foreign investor seeking to establish or expand their footprint in Turkey, our bespoke consultancy services are the key to unlocking market potential. Our reputation for excellence and a professional, results-driven approach positions us as the consultancy of choice for achieving sustainable growth and long-term success in one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

Engage with Köksal Consulting to navigate the complexities of cross-border investments and corporate activities. Our commitment to your success is demonstrated through our rigorous approach to problem-solving and our proactive strategies for business optimization. Let us show you how our expertise and dedicated services can contribute to the attainment of your strategic objectives and elevate your corporate presence in Turkey and beyond.

Reach out to us to explore a partnership that transcends traditional consultancy—where your business objectives become our definitive mission, and your success story becomes part of the legacy we build together.