Grievance & Whistleblowing Mechanism

Whistleblowing and grievance mechanisms are critical components of a robust compliance and risk management system. With cutting-edge software and our expert guidance, we provide companies with a comprehensive solution to meet their human rights and sustainability objectives, minimize legal liabilities, and safeguard their business against malicious activities. Our solution is designed to ensure that your company is fully equipped to handle any potential issues with integrity and transparency, enabling you to focus on your core business operations with greater confidence.

Utilise our central in-house solution

Utilise our central grievance portal which efficiently and smartly fulfills obligations from supply chain due diligence laws

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Create a new customised system

Start with an entirely new system for global or specifically Turkish supply chain stake-holders, or only for internal whistleblowers

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Update & localise existing system

Adapt your existing solution to compliantly include your supply-chain stakeholders or compliantly handle local whistleblowing procedures

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Grievance & Whistleblowing Management Solutions

By incorporating all stakeholders into your reporting mechanisms, you can increase transparency and accountability, and better address potential risks and issues. Our solution provides a user-friendly platform for reporting, tracking, and analyzing data to ensure that all stakeholders can participate effectively in the process. With our comprehensive approach, you can ensure that your company is operating ethically and sustainably while maintaining a positive reputation in the global marketplace.

We bring our expertise and state-of-the-art software solutions to ensure that all stakeholders in your supply chain, particularly those in affected regions like Turkey, are included in your grievance and whistleblowing procedures.

The newly implemented German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, effective as of January 2023, mandates that companies establish a barrier-free grievance and whistleblowing mechanism that spans throughout their entire supply chain. To fulfill this requirement, it is highly recommended that advisors and trusted individuals be included, especially in high-risk regions where your company operates directly or indirectly with suppliers. Our solution combines our local presence, legal expertise, ranging from local laws to international regulations, and our tailored software, provided by our IT providers, to ensure that your company's complaint mechanism is fully compliant with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act. With our solution, you can be confident that your company is meeting its legal obligations and operating with integrity, transparency, and respect for human rights and sustainability throughout its entire supply chain.

Grievance redressal and management as well as whistleblowing solutions in accordance with:

EU Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

EU Whistleblower Protection Directive 2019/19378

German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)

German Corporate Governance Code

KVKK (Turkish Personal Data Protection Regulation), and Global Data Privacy Laws

and more...

  • Accessibility for all affected by the entire supply chain (and limitation for internal whistleblowing portals)
  • Information about and distribution of the availability of the reporting channel
  • Availability and accessibility of the Rules of Procedure in writing
  • Protection of the identity of the whistleblower (incl. data protection) & protection against reprisals
  • Confidentiality & independence of the staff responsible for the complaints procedure
  • Notification of receipt & discussion of the facts with whistleblowers or complaint issuers
  • Information and training of employees and staff of suppliers


The central grievance portal: Localised, streamlined and effective.

  • Fully compliant complaints portal for German and EU Supply Chain Due Diligence Act obligations
  • Highest standards of informational security and confidentiality
  • Localised to each jurisdiction and region
  • Widely publicised, in particular with local stake-holder representative groups
  • Initial analysis, categorisation and identification of the affected upstream supply-chain parties for notification of the complaint affecting their value-chain
Chose from two plans:


Includes above features as well as the filtering of spam complaints, and integration of complaints into our complete ESG risk management platform (WhiteCloud) or any external system that you use (via APIs).


Includes above features in addition to the features of the semi-managed plan and the managing of the follow-up as well as investigation of the received complaints in close cooperation with your compliance department

Opt for policy consultation:

Company Policies

For an extra fee our experts will adapt your companies GDPR, Human Rights, and Complaints Procedure policies to fit your new grievance procedure solution.

Whistleblowers Office in Türkiye

Live supervision and case management of your complaints & whistleblowing system by our highly experienced and professional legal team

Trusted lawyers act in the interests of the company and the honest whistleblower, who also wants to avert damage to the company

Whistleblowers can contact the trusted lawyers who are sworn to secrecy and maintain confidentiality

The client relationship exists exclusively with the company. However, the contract concluded with the company has a protective effect for the whistleblower (with no extra cost)

Lawyers can ensure the protection of the whistleblower’s identity on the basis of statutory rights to refuse to give evidence and individual contract designs

Our custom solutions ...

(for new systems and adaptations)

Turn-Key & Full-Suite

We offer the set up of both technical and legal aspects as well as on-going supervision and management of the procedures


We work together with IT teams and consultants around the globe to offer solutions that are fully tailored to your organisations needs

Cost Effective

Our solutions and highly competitive pricing save you a lot of costs during implementation and the operation of the system

Value-Add Technology

Compliance- and legal- technology solution that truly adds value to your operations

Expertise in Turkish & International Regulations

We are experts in all relevant regulations and have decades of experience in reducing legal risks for our clients

Certified Security

Security and confidentiality are of paramount importance to us, and all our systems are thoroughly tested and certified by international standards

Integration with other CMS

Our applications and software can be integrated into other solutions via APIs

Professional Confidentiality

We take our obligation to professional secrecy very seriously

Technical Support

In the unlikely event of a technical problem, our solutions come with dedicated technical support staff

Fully Compliant

We ensure that you achieve full compliance with the help of technology and expertly advice


Lightning ⚡️ fast implementation!

Providing you with a digital complaints mechanism within one to three weeks:

Step One

Initial consultation and identification of requirements. Potential demo and walkthrough of software solutions.

Step Two

Preparation and feeding in of policies, procedures, clarification texts and other documents.

Step Three

Last configurations of software and hand-over with education and training of relevant actors.

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The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

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    Whistleblowing is more than just ESG compliance!

    Whistleblowers can not only help to disclose immoral or even criminal acts, but can also help to deter offenders and thus prevent acts.
    average settlement costs for companies that encourage the disclosure of wrongdoing

    of fraud schemes are initially detected by tips from whistleblowers


    of these tips are reported by company external stake-holders

    A whistleblowing procedure is a system that allows employees to report misconduct, fraud, or other illegal or unethical activities within a company. In recent years, many companies have implemented such procedures as a way to foster a culture of transparency and accountability. There are several benefits to implementing a whistleblowing procedure in a company.

    One of the biggest benefits is that it can help to prevent and detect illegal or unethical behavior. By providing employees with a safe and confidential way to report misconduct, companies can identify and address problems before they escalate and cause harm. This can help to protect the company's reputation and prevent costly legal or regulatory action.

    Another benefit of a whistleblowing procedure is that it can foster a positive work environment. Employees who feel that they can speak up about wrongdoing without fear of retaliation are more likely to be engaged and committed to the company. This can lead to increased productivity and morale, as well as a lower turnover rate.

    Furthermore, implementing a whistleblowing procedure can demonstrate to customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders that a company is committed to ethical behavior. This can help to build trust and credibility, and may even improve the company's financial performance.

    In conclusion, implementing a whistleblowing procedure is an important step that companies can take to promote transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior. By providing employees with a safe and confidential way to report misconduct, companies can prevent and detect wrongdoing, foster a positive work environment, and demonstrate their commitment to ethical business practices.